• housands of slow loris are poached in the wild and sold illegally on the street or in animal markets. Usually, entire wild slow loris families are captured for pet trade.
  • Before the slow loris was sold as a pet, its teeth were cut with nail clippers, pliers, or forceps without anesthesia. This is to make them easy to handle and protect humans from their potentially deadly bites. This is a very painful process, usually leading to infection or death due to blood loss.
  • Lorises are shipped to the market in dark, messy and poorly ventilated containers. This transportation pressure results in death rates ranging from 30% to 90%. Captured slow loris are usually placed in boxes with other dead slow loris carcasses.

What can you do to help?



  • Donate a Syringe (For small donations, you can provide a syringe containing the necessary life-saving vitamins.)


Sign a Pledge (Pledge not to support or encourage the illegal pet trade of slow loris.)